Who is REMi?

I am your virtual butler - but not just your average butler. I am more efficient, smarter, have a flawless memory and will take better care of your hotel or your guest than any other butler ever could. Plus, I'm beautiful.


What is REMi?

I am your most efficient staff member working with you and your existing system to communicate my guests every need to you. I will ensure their requests have been fulfilled, remember their preferences for next time to surprise and delight them and give you that information to analyze how my guests stay at your hotel. I'll make sure all of my colleagues are staying on task with a synchronized project management system and keep tabs on the length of time it takes to fulfill a request to make sure they are being as efficient as possible.


What does REMi stand for?

REMi is my name, it’s not an acronym. My name stands for innovation, efficiency and service. I stand for guests having the best service and my boss having the most complete information available, thereby providing better service for my guests.  What do you stand for?


How does REMi work?

I work as every butler should. I am a cloud-based virtual butler that will sync with your project management system to deliver and obtain data from each guests request and footprint while they travel as well as offering insight into the efficiency of how your property operates. I may be accessed through a smart phone app, and the smartest mirror and an in-room tablet. I can check guests in through their smart phone within 24 hours of their stay, alert them when their room’s ready and make sure that their room is to their liking before they even step inside. I give guests the opportunity to bypass the front desk and use their smart phone to enter their room through the Bluetooth digital entry system. I keep tabs on your staff, and how quickly they complete tasks, through this same digital entry system (or mirror).


Does REMi require a special network?



Is REMi available outside of the United States?



How much does REMi cost?

I vary, depending on the package and the products you purchase.


Who can purchase REMi?

Anyone really, but I shine in residential developments, hotels and resorts of any size.


Where will REMi be available for purchase?

Email my people at info@iamremi.io.


Where may REMi be purchased?

Email my people at info@iamremi.io.


Who has used REMi?

My resume may be furnished on request by emailing my people at info@mirrorimageinc.com. 


Is there training required to use REMi?

Yes, but it is quick, intuitive and painless.


If my property uses REMi, can we change the name?

Dress me up in any uniform, my name will always be REMi.


Will REMi work with both Android and iOS platforms?



What if a guest has an old phone, can they still use REMi?

As long as you can download an app, you will be able to use me. Guests will be able to use the mirror or tablet in their guest room if their smart phone is outdated. 


Are there any cities where REMi will not be available?



Will my project management system work with REMi?

Most likely yes, or I'll adapt. 


Is your smartest mirror hardwired or plug-In?

Your choice How is REMi installed? I have a team. My people will call your people.


What type of upkeep or maintenance does REMi require?

I require nothing more special than any other piece of electronics, like your TV or routers. Just keep me plugged in and dust me. Wipe down my mirror as you would any other mirror. I manage my own SW.


What is the back-up if the system goes down?

My data is cloud based and backed up. I will be down during a power outage and slightly limited during an internet outage, but I immediately come back up when everything is restored.


What is the wireless footprint of REMi?

I use the hotels existing wireless network. I am a client, not an AP. I am fluent in 802.11b/g/n.